Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Chapter 14: An Interval

Departure Hall 12, Schipol Airport, Amsterdam

The man sitting apparently reading his newspaper was bored. He had been told to watch out for one particular whore, and he had his instructions about how to deal with her.

He wasn't too happy with those instructions because they removed the creativity that he liked to bring to the job. Just as he was wondering whether he would need to get yet another cup of coffee, he spotted her.

He watched as she went through the process of checking in. She didn't have any luggage at all, so it didn't take her much time. Once she was done, she chose a high barstool at the coffee bar and placed her order. He saw her making a call on her cell phone and frowned. He had been told that she had thrown her phone away.

The man smiled grimly to himself; he knew he didn't have to worry about her recognising him. His sexual preference was young, very young, boys, so it was often difficult for him to perform in the breaking in of new whores.

His colleagues knew of his proclivities, and accommodated him by allowing him to pretend that their new recruits were boys. He normally quite enjoyed buggering them; especially as it brought him into close sexual contact with some of the men he worked with, and he enjoyed that. He made sure that none of them realised that the reason he insisted on double penetration was so that he could feel their penises rubbing against his through a thin membrane of skin.

The man took a careful look at the whore. He was a businessman and whores like her were his stock-in-trade so he had become quite skilful at measuring their worth to him; which was a function of their attractiveness to men and their ability to perform any sexual act that was demanded of them.

He had learnt a long time before that it didn't do to have only one handle on whores like this; say what you like about them but most of them had become as hard and tough as the men in the dog-eat-dog world that was the post-communist Ukraine. This particular whore had just wriggled loose from a few of those strings, with her mother dieing and then her friend disappearing. He had been looking forward to initiating the friend; she was slender enough that he could close his eyes and pretend that she was a boy.

He waited until the whore hung up her phone, then got up and moved around the counter till he was standing behind her and slightly to her left. He reached up her back and, making sure that his hand was covered, grabbed a handful of her long hair.

"Hello bitch. So nice to see you, " he whispered softly into her ear, while he pulled steadily on her hair. He got a thrill at the shocked look on her face, and then all over again when she winced as she tried to turn her head against the hold he had on her hair. "I think we have some things to discuss, don't you Alina?' he asked.

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