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Chapter 25: Getting Ready

It took about an hour to get everything sorted out, but then we could leave in a mini convoy. Daise was driving her new car with Alina sitting beside her. They had the top down, and the admiring looks from other motorists were obvious. Two beautiful women in a cabriolet, I was surprised that there were no accidents, from the inattention of other drivers, on the way home.

Once we were home again, I called everyone together in the lounge to discuss the activities planned for the evening. The most obvious issue was that neither of the two women should show themselves in the club, and we decided that it would be a bad idea for me to sit with Roy as it was likely that he had been identified as a policeman. I was a little concerned about the fact that we would have to be unarmed in the club, the search at the door as likely to be very thorough, so we had to figure out how to make the situation as safe as possible. After some discussion, we decided that the best bet was to work with some misdirection and we worked out a plan for that. Once we had settled on that, I called Roy and discussed it briefly with him.

I explained our concerns to Roy, that we were concerned about security and his being identified. He was quite happy to go along with our plan, so it was settled. We would enter the club separately with a little diversion to draw attention away from us. Sgt Major Dhlamini was designated to take care of the outside security, and possible backup, while Cpl Maseka and a couple of the others would form a raucous group, celebrating a bachelor’s party. I would sit on my own as near to them as possible, and Roy would also sit on his own, but far from us.

Nqobile had prepared us a nice meal of lamb chops, mashed potatoes and some salads, which we all enjoyed before moving off to our various rooms to get some sleep in preparation for an expected late night.

When I walked up the stairs to my room, Daise took my hand and Alina walked right behind us. I expected her to turn off to go to her own room, and was a little surprised when she followed us into my room. I shrugged mentally and stripped down to shorts before climbing onto the bed. Daise climbed up next to me and snuggled up in my arms, and Alina, after some hesitation, lay down on my other side. I decided that just pretending to ignore the situation was my best option, so I closed my eyes and before I knew it had dropped off to sleep.

I woke to the delightful sensation of two beautiful women cuddled up to me. I eased my way out from between them and jumped in the shower before going downstairs. It was just five o’clock when I got to the lounge, so I turned on the TV and caught the highlights package from the days play. It was day three in the cricket test match between South Africa and Australia, and it looked as if we had a good chance of beating them by an innings. It was very nice to see, even though we had lost the series already as they had won the first two tests.

Sitting and watching a bit of cricket was a relaxing activity and I allowed my mind to mull over the events of the past few days in an attempt to put everything into perspective. There had been a lot of things happening and I hadn’t really had a chance to think them through and decide what I really felt about what had happened. I had discovered fairly early on that it was important for me to take time to process things as soon after they happened as possible, otherwise some overlooked facet could jump out and bite me at the most inopportune moment.

I decided that I was very happy with the fact that Daise and I had gotten on so well, and I was really starting to like Alina after a pretty rocky start. The fact that the two of them had started pulling me into a conflict was a little more difficult to get my head around. One the one hand, I didn’t want or expect anything of the kind to happen, but on the other I was finding myself enjoying the mental challenge. I had to admit to myself that the threat of danger added more than just a touch of spice.

My ruminations were interrupted by the sight of Daise walking down the stairs. I turned the volume on the TV down and greeted her quietly, “Hi. You sleep well?”

“Very well, thank you. I can’t believe how nice it is to sleep snuggled up safely next to you,” Daise replied. She walked over and settled onto the couch next to me, tucking her legs up under her in that effortless way that women have. I lifted my arm and dropped it around her shoulders as she scooted up closer to me.

“How are you doing?” I asked her. “We haven’t really spoken much since Alina got here.”

“Actually, I am doing a lot better than I thought I would. Rupert, I must tell you that you are the best thing that ever happened to me. I was really worried that I would be just a trophy wife or some sort of sex-slave, and I was prepared to accept that if that was what it took to escape from my situation, but you have taken me into your heart and your life in a way that fulfils my dreams. I wanted to thank you for that, as well as to tell you that you really didn’t have to buy me the car or anything else, I am quite happy just being with you.”

“Thanks Daise. I really appreciate that. I think you know that I am in love with you. I was also more than a little worried what would happen when Bev pushed me into making those first moves, and I can tell you that you are way more than I expected. I have noticed though that you seem a lot more relaxed now that Alina is here…”

“I am. I don’t think you realise exactly just how close Alina and I are,” Daise told me. I looked closely at her and I could see that there was a faint blush that had spread across her face.

“I’m not sure I understand exactly what you mean,” I said, pretending not to have noticed the blush. I had a pretty good idea, picked up from observing the way the two of them interacted with each other, but I wanted her to tell me in her own way and, more importantly, in her own time.

“I think I told you that we shared everything,” she asked looking up at me as she did so. At my nod, she continued “Well, we became very close in the last year or so. Alina didn’t have any boyfriends. I think what she was being forced to do had made her scared of men. So …” Her voice trailed off and she looked down, tracing a pattern with her finger on her bare leg.

“Are you saying that she turned to you for comfort?” I prompted quietly.

“Yes. We … we became lovers,” she said just as quietly, then she glanced up quickly at my face. I guessed that the expression she saw there she found sufficiently encouraging that she gained the courage to continue. “It started with me holding her in the night because she was having bad dreams and crying. I would kiss her tears away and the one night she just reached out and grabbed hold of my head and started kissing me on the mouth. That was the first time. It was a huge surprise to me. I had never experienced anything like it and hadn’t expected to. I didn’t know what to do, so I just responded to what she did to me. Afterwards, Alina told me how good it felt for her to be in control for once but how, at the same time, how nice it was to have someone gentle and soft to make love to.”

“Yes, I can imagine how that must have been for her. What about you though? Is this something you were comfortable with?”

“Not at first. It was very exciting while she was busy making love to me, but I was very embarrassed the next morning when I woke up in her arms.”

“Was it just that one time?”

Daise was watching my face the whole time. I was concerned about how she might interpret my feelings, because I was unsure what expressions showed on my face. I was even more unsure of what my feelings were. I guess that uncertainty must have shown.

“Do you think it was bad?” Daise asked me anxiously.

“I have no problems with the fact that the two of you made love,” I answered cautiously, “the only thing that concerns me is whether she forced you somehow.”

“Oh no!” Daise answered emphatically, “She was very gentle with me.”

“No, I don’t think you understood me. What I meant was if it was something that you wanted to do. She could have made you feel that you were obligated to her or something.”

“Oh, I understand. No, once I got over the surprise, I definitely wanted to do it.”

“Did you do it again?”

“Yes, a few times. I just thought that I should tell you though. Alina was telling me before we went to sleep that she misses our closeness.”

“Do you still want to be involved with her?”

“I don’t want to lose you.”

“That isn’t what I was getting at. I wanted to know about your feelings.”

“Well, yes. I think I would miss her.”

“I must tell you, I suspected that the two of you had a more intimate relationship. I have been watching how you interact with each other.”

“Does it bother you?”

“Well, it would have when I was much younger. I am not nearly so immature and insecure as I was at eighteen. I think what is important for me is that there is honesty; each of us needs to be honest with the other and open about what we want to do. Thank you for telling me about this Daise. It bodes well for our relationship that you are able to tell me these things.”

“Thanks Rupert. I knew I had to tell you. I already told you that I would give up anything else for you, and this is included.”

“I’m not asking you to give it up Daise. I just wanted to explore your thinking about it. I am quite happy to be in a triangle relationship with the two of you.”

“What do you mean, exactly, by a ‘triangle’ relationship?”

“What you seem to be describing. You and I loving each other and you and Alina loving each other.”

“Oh no,’ Daise laughed, “you’ve got it only half right.”

“What do you mean?”

“You have to finish the triangle Rupert. Alina told me that she is starting to fall in love with you too.”

That was a shocker. I had thought that there was an easing of the hostility, not a move towards love.

“Are you sure?” I asked Daise. “This is a hellova turnaround from her feelings just a few days ago.”

“Yes. Alina told me that if it hadn’t been for me feeling the way I do about you, she would have made a move on you already. Why do you think she snuggled up to you earlier? She could have slept next to me if that wasn’t the way she was feeling.”

“That’s true, I suppose. It’s something I will have to think about. It’s not something I had ever considered before. I’ve read about relationships like that, but never experienced anything like it. In fact, I don’t think I’ve even met anyone who had a relationship like that.”

“What about Sgt Major Dhlamini? He has lots of wives.”

“That’s not the same. They aren’t together in his bed. It’s very much one at a time.”

“Are you sure?”

“Well, he’s never given me any reason to think any differently.”

“Well, that’s not the idea I got from Mzwandile when I chatted to her in the ladies’ room at the Spring Ball. She definitely seemed to be looking forward to some intimacy with one or two of his other wives once they were married.”

“Well, that’s a surprise to me. How on earth did you get involved in a conversation like that with her anyway?”

“She asked me a lot of questions about our relationship,” Daise giggled. “I think she might be a little more interesting than the Sgt Major expects.”

“I think you’re right. Damn. I would love to tease him about this, but I get the feeling that he would have just as many opportunities to tease me by the time they’re married.”

“You mean you will consider it?”

“Yes. We will have to see how things go with this whole situation though. I don’t think that now is the right time to be exploring variations in sexual triangles.”

“Sexual triangles… hmm… that gives me some images to feed my imagination.”

I laughed. “Me too, you minx. I think it’s time we got everyone up and ready for tonight though.”

“Looks to me that you are up and ready enough,” Daise teased me, running her hand over my thigh and between my legs.

“Hey,” I protested weakly, “we can’t do that now.”

“If you say so,” she said with a last teasing squeeze and a smile.

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